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Picture taken from a wall painting in the Roman city of Pompeii. The whole city was destroyed and completely buried during eruption of the volcano Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD.  This preserved pictures like this, which would have been normally destroyed when Christianity took over Roman religion.
 I have been asked a number of times if there is any proof that there was a Matriarchal age in the past.  Although there is a lot of evidence for this, most of it is in the hands of patriarchal minded academics that have very little interest in letting the public know about it. We can see this in the Marija Gimbutas controversy.  She was an archaeologist who wrote books about the ancient Goddess worshiping Neolithic civilizations and for this reason was condemned by other academics for writing ‘popular’ books about this subject.  Yet in spite of her efforts most of the general public are still ignorant of the Neolithic civilizations that existed before the Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamian.
Excavating Neolithic sites, archaeologists have discovered a lot of evidence to suggest that Women ruled these early civilizations, but the trouble is that many people find this hard to believe. After all, throughout history we have been used to brutal alpha males who have ruled countries by force and violence.  So it comes to a surprise to learn that what archaeologists have discovered is that warfare was unknown back in the first Neolithic civilizations.  When they excavated ancient cities like Catal Höyük in Turkey and Caral in Peru, or the Neolithic civilizations of Malta, Crete, Eastern Europe, Japan, China and the Indus Valley civilization in Pakistan, they couldn’t find any weapons of war. Not only that, they couldn’t find any skeletons showing any signs of violence, nor could they find any carved images of war and violence and any fortification protecting the towns and cities.  Whereas the evidence of war and violence was overwhelming in later Bronze and Iron age excavations.  With thousands of weapons of war being discovered, skeletons in graves showing signs of damage by swords, axes, spears and clubs, with very strong fortifications around all towns and cities, and carvings on walls showing wars, acts of violence and torture.
So how was it that all over the world civilisations could live in peace and harmony for thousands of years, but then suddenly these peaceful civilizations were swept away and replaced by extremely violent empires?
The theory put forward by the archaeologist Marija Gimbutas, was that warlike patriarchal tribes from the North conquered these peaceful Matriarchal civilisations.  Now, this makes sense of how some of these Neolithic civilisations were destroyed but it doesn’t explain where these patriarchal tribes came from, and why they suddenly turn to war and violence?  I will discuss this later on in this book.
The same is true in the world of paleontology where even today the public are told that we evolved from brutal cavemen who it seems dominated their women through violence.  There is no real evidence of this and these ideas come from the speculation of 19th century scientists.  But these ideas persist today in the 21st century.
Yet we don’t have to go back to the ancient past to find evidence of Matriarchy, we can find proof in other ways.  Thinking about this recently I have realized that there is evidence for a Matriarchal past through the mysteries of human sexual behavior, which originated through the evolutionary behavior of our ancestors during the Stone Age.
In all Evolutionary theories the clitoris is a big problem, as its only function is to give women pleasure.  Not only that, many women claim that the penis is not very good at stimulating the clitoris to bring them to orgasm.  So how did this come about in our evolutionary past? When we answer these questions a very different picture of Stone Age sexuality emerges, to what we are commonly led to believe about our Stone Age ancestors.
We also have the problem of homosexuality, because according to evolutionary theory, sex with people of the same sex, shouldn’t exist, as homosexual couples are far less likely to pass on their genes to the next generation, than heterosexual couples.  So homosexuality should go extinct, unless there is an evolutionary advantage for homosexuality to exist within the community.  Again by finding out why homosexual behaviour gives a Stone Age tribe a better chance of survival, helps us understand the true nature of Stone Age people.

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